A complementary new credibility assessment technology has been developed by scientists at the University of Utah that identifies individuals who are hiding behaviors that do not meet an organization’s standards. Called EyeDetect, it is a non-contact automated system based on eye behavior during a non-invasive 30-40 minute test. With research showing an accuracy of 85%, EyeDetect can benefit agencies looking to improve personnel screening while controlling costs. EyeDetect can be used to pre-screen applicants to maximize the throughput of polygraph programs. 


Capital Center for Credibility Assessment Adds a Second Detection of Deception Technology!


C3A has partnered with Converus Inc. to provide trustworthy and valid technological solutions for deception detection to governmental agencies. EyeDetect is accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure, non-invasive, and value-added to personnel security programs.

C3A is the preferred provider of EyeDetect to the US Government.

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EyeDetect can be part of an agency’s continuous monitoring program to uncover compromises to National Security, or other security misconduct, and to create a targeted approach to polygraph reinvestigations. For organizations with no polygraph program, EyeDetect can help leaders avoid less reliable candidates. EyeDetect empowers organizations to conduct applicant and employee evaluations efficiently and in a non-invasive manner. Agency leaders can better manage risk and ensure workplace integrity while keeping costs low and morale high.