Educational Services Division

The Capital Center for Credibility Assessment Corporation provides management and polygraph instruction for several polygraph schools both in the United States and in the United Kingdom.  Our Director of Educational Services Division is Mr. Krapohl who provides that instruction, along with several of our team members.  Mr. Krapohl has developed a number of continuing education courses for polygraph examiners.

Donald J. Krapohl
Director, Educational Services Division

Polygraph Examiner


Mr. Donald J. Krapohl retired from the US government on August 29, 2015, after completing 35 years of service, including a Navy enlistment during the Viet Nam War.  His final assignment was as Deputy Director for the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA), the US government’s education, oversight and research facility for the polygraph and other credibility assessment technologies and techniques.  During his tenure he led the organization’s focus toward empirically based methodologies, and the expansion of its mission to encompass the larger field of credibility assessment.  He chaired NCCA’s Curriculum and Campus Effectiveness Committees.  Mr. Krapohl was the senior member of the group that performed the validation and Iraq field assessment of the Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System, a technology currently used by the military services and credited with significantly reducing insider attacks against US and coalition forces in Afghanistan.  He initiated two other technical approaches to credibility assessment that were undergoing research investigation at his retirement.

 Mr. Krapohl has published over 100 scientific, technical and general interest articles and book chapters on the polygraph and credibility assessment, including the 2015 Academic Press textbook Fundamentals of Polygraph Practice with Ms Pamela Shaw.  His work on objective interpretation of polygraph data is the basis for the automated algorithm found on most modern computer polygraphs.  Mr. Krapohl has been an invited lecturer for workshops of the National Academies of Sciences and the National Science Foundation, as well as for national and state professional associations across the US and several allied countries.  Since retirement Mr. Krapohl has lectured for polygraph schools in the US and the UK.  His media experience includes interviews with MSNBC, National Public Radio, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many regional television and print outlets. 

Prior to his assignment to NCCA, Mr. Krapohl was a polygraph examiner, manager, researcher and instructor for the Central Intelligence Agency for 21 years.  During this period he conducted thousands of counterintelligence screening examinations, and oversaw thousands more, in a variety of locations.  He received recognition and awards for his work on significant cases.

Mr. Krapohl began his polygraph career in private practice in 1979.  In the following six years he conducted testing for various local police departments, attorneys, state agencies, commercial firms, and individual citizens.  During that time he also provided expert testimony, and held an examiners license in Illinois.

Throughout his career Mr. Krapohl has been a contributing member of the major polygraph professional associations, from which he has been honored with their highest awards.  For the American Polygraph Association he was elected President (2006-2007) and served twice as its Editor-in-Chief (1997 – 2001, 2008 – 2014).  He is currently an Associate Editor for the journals Polygraph and European Polygraph, and is the chair of two subcommittees for the standards-making organization American Society for Testing and Materials.  Mr. Krapohl’s enduring professional interests are the formulation of polygraph best practices, improving personnel screening, and the development of a multiple technologies to address the full range of credibility assessment and interview assistance requirements of government organizations.

Donald J. Krapohl – Retired  1985 - 2015

Deputy Director

2006 – 2015
National Center for Credibility Assessment

Polygraph Examiner/Instructor


Central Intelligence Agency